Ukraine dating site with contact information exchange allowed

However in regards to suspending profiles we follow very simple and clear rules for anyone using our website.

Should any member break those rules we suspend them as quickly as possible.

I realize it's because women don't pay any membership and get no respect from the site.

They make you think they care about you and protect you from scam women, but in reality they erase honest women just in random way! However, many ladies who gave me hints about financial help are still on the website, which makes me think that they work for the site.

Good luck but please don't waste your hard earned money on these websites!In your situation when the lady was suspended you would have received an email from us advising you of the suspension (this is automatically provided to all members who has had contact with the suspended member) and also advice that a high degree of caution should be taken if you personally continue to communicate offsite directly.We are surprised you have continued offsite communication with a suspended profile member and state here you know of profiles who asked for money or gifts on our website.Of course it will be impossible for any online interaction service to filter out 100% of dishonest people.That is why you as the consumer have to look out for yourself.

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