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“And all of human law says the way things stop is when courts and legislatures recognize that the being imprisoned is a legal person.” Nh RP spent 5 years researching the best legal strategy—and best jurisdiction—for its first cases.

Sadly, nature does not forgive,nonetheless our people are delving dangerously into this road of no return.

Wise is hoping for something similar for the captive chimps.

If his group wins any of the current cases, it will ask that the animals be transferred to a chimpanzee sanctuary in Florida. Regardless of what happens, Nh RP is already preparing litigation for other states, and not all of it involves chimpanzees.

Another, Kiko, resides in a cage on private property in Niagara Falls, the group says.

The final two, Hercules and Leo, are research chimps at Stony Brook University.

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