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If you identify with any of these statements, than Elevate is your answer.

When pressed about the song, he explained: "I can’t say yet because we haven’t revealed the track list…" Liam previously revealed Cheryl tried to break off the romance and that he had written about it on his new album. If you are able to talk to your partner, doctor or nurses about your worries it can ease them.They may be able to suggest ways to help improve any problems you're having.And a third said: “Cheeeeky Cheeeeeky 😜” This comes after Liam lifted the lid on his romance with Cheryl, telling The Sun Online that his new track Bedroom Floor is not about the time she tried to dump him.He faced speculation his new single was a dig at his girlfriend, as it featured lyrics about a bitter split. But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor." It’s also no secret that the mum-of-one is a big fan of the track because when Liam tweeted asking if any of his fans were ready for it, Cheryl was the first to reply, writing “me!

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