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Ryan has written and directed numerous non-fiction and scripted online series.

DADDIO by Christy Hall After a woman is picked up by a cab at JFK airport, she and the cabdriver head off into the night while they discuss their past and current relationships and the effect they have had on their respective lives. BIOGRAPHY Christy, a playwright residing in New York City, is known for her plays TO QUIET THE QUIET and YOURS, ISABEL, a story inspired by actual letters from World War II.

Their first script CONTAINMENT is set up with Dreambridge Films, and KEEPER OF THE DIARY was scooped up by Fox Searchlight with Weimaraner Republic producing. BIOGRAPHY After writing and directing their debut feature NIGHTLIGHT for Michael London and Lionsgate, Bryan & Scott sold their original spec A QUIET PLACE to Paramount.

A QUIET PLACE by Bryan Woods & Scott Beck A family living on a farm is forced into a life of silence when a supernatural evil that attacks where it hears sound terrorizes their existence. The movie was green lit and dated within two months of the sale, and the duo were given a blind write-to-direct feature deal at the studio on the heels of that.

GENRE Biopic | Drama | Period REPRESENTATION Verve | David Boxerbaum, Pamela Goldstein, Sara Nestor STATUS Romark Entertainment producing. BIOGRAPHY Jeremy is a writer, director, and producer of films and commercials who earned his MFA in Film Production from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

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