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Most towns and villages in the United Kingdom have a war memorial or plaque listing the names of those who died serving their country in the First World War.

In many cases names of those men from the locality who were killed during the Second World War have been added to the memorials of 1914-1918.

Casualties killed after the end of the war until 25 March 1921 are also included in the listing.

A list of over 41,000 officers who died in the Great War was published in one volume in 1919.

Casualties killed after the end of the war until 26 September 1919 are also included in the listing.

Those villages whose men all returned safely and which do not, therefore, have a memorial are known as the “Thankful Villages”.

War memorials vary in shape and size, they may be official or privately funded, some have fallen into disrepair, but many are carefully looked after.

Volumes may be available to see from a library loan or can be seen at the Imperial War Museum London and the National Archives at Kew. He is buried in Villers Bretonneux Military Cemetery on the Somme battlefield. 14 volumes were produced by the National Publishing Company, listing approximately 100,000 participants in the war.

Casualty cards, giving details of the casualty, the aircraft involved and sometimes the next of kin details are available. Of these under 20% of those listed were participants who died.

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