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Cook has a variety of styles at his command and the CD repays multiple listenings...The standard ‘Walk That Lonesome Valley’, with some new verses, shows Cook as a worthy successor to those who used song to ease suffering.Scott Cook should be proud that he is doing his part to keep that ribbon winding." -Tony Smith, Trad & No "All he needs is an instrument, an attitude and a song and Cook can turn a campfire into a concert.My first impression of his brand new album (Further Down the Line) is that he has a lot of what made John Stewart the man he was: songwriting talent, a voice worth hearing, and an appreciation of his audience.He brings dark stories to life under the guise of pleasant, and excellently played folk music, which is just as subversive as screaming it over the roar of full-throat punk rock." -Michael Dunn, Beatroute "I knew as soon as I heard the album. The album has a string of originals and co-written originals, every one an excellent example of the genre. Perhaps we should all line up behind him and sing in unison.He's as good a modern folkie as we have these days. Straight vocals in a sort of campfire setting, practically made for Cook's voice. It may be the last real chance we have." -Frank Gutch, Jr., No Depression "Absolutely brilliant...His fourth release, One More Time Around, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, and its opening track "Pass It Along" won the Folk and Acoustic category in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest, with UK magazine Maverick Country naming him "one of Canada's most inspiring and imaginative storytellers".In 2015 he put together a seven-piece honky-tonk band for his rollicking fifth album, Scott Cook and the Long Weekends Go Long, and in 2017 he released his sixth album Further Down the Line, earning another Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for English Songwriter of the Year.

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"Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on." -David Francey, 3x Juno-winning songwriter "I knew as soon as I heard the album.

If He Showed Up Now questions how Christ would be received today (imagine him as an immigrant refugee, for example), and Walk That Lonesome Valley takes a look at the courage of Sojourner Truth, Father Daniel Berrigan and Chelsea Manning, the last one recently pardoned by President Obama.

Look them up if you don't know their tales, or better yet buy this album.

He has a good eye for imagery, a gentle human touch, a wry sense of humour, a whole lot of integrity, a warm, rugged voice and a bunch of memorable lines...

Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children." -David Burke, Rn R Magazine Scott Cook Bio "Onesheet": Acrobat High-Resolution Photos for press use Release sheet for Further Down the Line: Acrobat Places I've played: short list complete list Album lyrics can be found in Words "It's a great, soulful and inquisitive album from the get-go, the opener a love letter to Woodie Guthrie...

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