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It suggests a fundamental shift in the way we relate to the past.

Different from more traditional forms of revivalism, "retro" suggests a half ironic, half longing consideration of the recent past; it has been called an "unsentimental nostalgia", recalling modern forms that are no longer current.

Sam Giancana, Chicago mob boss, was untouchable until 1960, when he met Phyllis Mc Guire, lead singer of the popular Mc Guire Sisters. He served a year and was released in May of 1966, and headed straight for Mexico. The Mexicans literally pushed Sam across the border into El Paso, TX, into the waiting arms of FBI agents.The term rétro was soon applied to nostalgic French fashions that recalled the same period.Most commonly retro is used to describe objects and attitudes from the recent past that no longer seem modern. She knew better than to fall for a lousy guy like Sam. Sam still refused to talk and he was sent to Cook County jail for contempt. pressured the Mexican government to stop protecting him. and rival mobsters, the murderous gangster was helpless in the hands of the wholesome, "virginal" singer he first saw in Las Vegas. All those in the know say it was Phyllis who could not help herself. Well, they say “love is blind” and it could not be truer than with Phyllis's love for Sam. Sam again took the fifth, refusing to answer their probing questions, but was soon given immunity.

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