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Tony was finishing out his degree as an Electrical Engineer and I was delving into my potential as a divorced mother of one and criminal law student.

We had the perfect potential – he loved my daughter and she adored him, I absolutely adored him, we had a bright future and planned to get married and have tons and tons of babies.

Read more This video I saw after seeing a tweet from the @Slantedview plays more like a David Letterman skit.

At this point we had been together for a little over a year and time went on.

Tony making promises, stringing me along; and me – stupid me – just taking it.

However, it’s empowering to know that despite all the negatives thrown at us, we can choose not to settle for anything less than respect.

While that respect may not come overwhelmingly from the men who look like us, there are certainly other men of all cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities who want nothing more than to treat us like Queens.

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