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Potential CFATS violations may include, but are not limited to: Download a printer-friendly flyer on how to report a CFATS violation.

To submit a report to the Department regarding a potential CFATS violation, contact the CFATS Chemical Facility Security Tip Line, 877-394-4347 (877-FYI 4 DHS), or email [email protected]

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This will allow DHS to acknowledge receipt of the information and facilitates the review of the violation.

I look forward to the range tomorrow and all of the future training that I will be calling upon you for. Read More This letter is written to show you how much I appreciate the way you taught the Chicago Concealed Carry Weapon Permit class on Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2013. You had everyone's attention because you went beyond the concealed weapon topic. Read More I participated in a Felton Training Group CCW class in Oak Brook Terrace at the Holiday Inn in December of 2013. Read More I really enjoyed your class for Concealed Weapons Permit last Saturday, 28 July. You gave us all individual attention; that was really appreciated. What really surprised me was learning that ammo gets old and...

I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in concealed carry in the State of Illinois. Read More Thanks for the informative basic instruction.

Chemical security is a shared responsibility among chemical facility owners, operators, and employees; the communities that surround these facilities; and federal, state, and local government officials.

Any individual may report a potential CFATS violation to the Department.

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