A litter of three cubs was born in 2012 and all three were hand-reared.A second litter of five cubs was born in 2013; three were removed for their own well-being while the remaining two (a male, Gabriel, and a female, Gazelle) were left with the parents.Roland (or Rowland), the male, and three lionesses (Marin, Natasha, and Jo Ann; spellings undocumented) settled into the Kingdom of the White Lion exhibit at the park very well.

Lory Park Zoo is currently in possession of two adult white lions (Daniel and Heidi), who have produced eight cubs.A white lion was observed in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve in Zululand.In 2004, four white lions arrived at West Midland Safari Park, the only white lions in the United Kingdom.In 1979, three litters containing white lions were recorded in Kruger National Park.In March, a female lion with three white cubs was observed near Tshokwane.

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