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Brad agreed to give her total control on picking their costumes as he didn't care. You could have some real kinky fun with her, and she'll never forget it. I've got to go, I have an essay to finish then a costume party to go to. Although his Dad wants him studying away from that as he says the frat house is not the best environment to be studying in. Three pills and you're pushing for an overdose." Max now is worried he is feeding Justin too much information, he does talk too much. He asked him for a few of the pills to pull pranks, and threatened to tell everyone about them. We are planning on giving a girl the pill while she has a CAT scan and vice versa to a guy to see the differences." Max notices Justin looks a bit disappointed. Also he is wearing long red false finger nails, they're properly glued on too and will take an effort to get them off.

He takes a deep breath to calm down and relax, and then Caroline enters. Come on we have to get ready for the party." She says happily almost giddy. "The party is at eight." He says with a hint of confusion. "Yes I know that stupid, but we have lots to do to get ready, so come on." She says forcing him to his feet. "OK, I left the planning to you so what is the plan? " He sits on her bed and starts to roll them up his leg, noticing again that his toe nails are now manicured and painted red like his finger nails are.

After a long day he is not looking forward to the evening. Despite being dressed up as a woman he will finally get Karen in bed. Justin looks annoyed at the bad timing of that as now his Dad is giving him an ear full down the phone. Max reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bottle of pills. With regular hypnosis it's very difficult to make people do everything, these however will make them so docile and open they could do anything you tell them. Anyone who takes these will lose some colour in their eyes." Max says watching Justin look at them in his hand. Don't worry, it's only temporary, they go back to normal after the pill wears off." Max explains. Taking two pills at a time constantly over time could cause un-reversible effects. * * * Caroline opens the door with shorter dark hair; the salon fitted her with a short male wig so she can pass as a guy.

His roommate, Caroline, told him weeks ago that tonight they would be attending the Halloween costume party on campus. Apparently she loves guys who dress up as Girls." He looks a taken back at this revelation. One of her ex's told me she made him wear her panties a couple of times. "Look Dad, you gave me the key to the new apartment, I promise I'll check it out, ok? Justin makes a frustrated sigh and goes back to typing away on his computer trying to finish his essay so he can go to the Costume Party. He isn't a jock or anything, but he is popular with people and he just has family in the right places to be in the frat house and in the fraternity. Especially with the whole personality change thing. It's either hormonal or the mind, but we gave a male subject a small amount of estrogen but the effects didn't change, so it must be something in the mind. Then Brad walks in looking embarrassed as his hair is now thicker, wavier and blond with strands coming down his face, plus his eyebrows have been done to look more feminine.

It also might provide some insight into which Venom comic book stories are being adapted/used for inspiration for the film's plot.

), some fans have speculated that the movie will use the 1993 run of “Venom: Lethal Protector” as its main inspiration.

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